Information Technology has improved our lives considerably and still enriching it further with the latest advancements. Numerous organizations are working hard to design various applications & software which can further ease up the way ahead. Having superb workforce can provide the cutting edge in this competitive market. But there arises a situation to maintain & retain such resources for a sustainable growth.

Software Development is a complete process of computer programming, documenting, testing and maintaining applications and frameworks. It has enabled us to rise above normal and infuse life into our solutions. It has created numerous frameworks and is a never-ending process, as we upgrade every day.

Software development takes a lot of resources and the most costly resource here is the skilled workforce. They are the backbone of any project, running anywhere in the world. Maintaining a team of skilled developers and working with them takes a large pie of your total project capital investments. This has compelled thousands of organizations to work with a limited team and number. The concept of the dedicated developer has liberalized the whole development cycle without hampering the quality of the project.

A dedicated developer is usually an outsourced resource, dedicated to your project, delivering as per the deadlines and up to your work standards. Such resource provides a freedom from high maintenance of your software development resources and allows you to enjoy the similar benefits to a regular software developer. This concept has improved the sustainability of a project and has created a vacancy for further research and quality improvements in the same budget.

Small firms are enjoying the benefits for a long time as they use to hire freelance developers & other professionals to ease out this burden. But freelancers are less dedicated and costly when compared with a dedicated workforce. Large organizations are also entering and enjoying these benefits now as they are having a qualified workforce with lesser liabilities towards them. The number of employees can be shuffled easily as per the requirement of the firms without loosing out some really good talents.

Saavy Relations has introduced this beautiful concept and have started delivering as per the client’s requisites. For further details, you can contact us for your software needs with improved sustainability.

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