In recent times, Facebook has emerged as one of the most powerful social media platforms. It possesses 1.94 billion active users and the number is rising by each day.

Facebook uses its own algorithms to determine which posts appear in each user’s increasingly noisy Newsfeed. Apart from doing the paid service of boosting your post/page, here are a few free tips to get traffic on your Facebook page.

  • Post something really liked content: Try to figure out what is really being liked by the followers and try to post something relevant to it. It could be photographs, or videos or any info texts, increase such content and continuously seek for the revisions.
  • Bring Awesome content on page: You need to understand what is really happening around. What is being liked the most by most of the users? What should be shared among all, what is trending, what is informative and relevant?

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  • Right time to post: Try to post on weekends or holidays when most of the users are around. Early morning timings and late evening timings are also been added to the right time list. Try to be there at such time and get maximum attention.
  • Create events: Creating an event can really help you to attract most of your target users. Use Facebook before, during, and after each event to engage your community, and increase attendance.
  • Use Facebook Live: Facebook Live is a video broadcasting feature lets you live-stream your events and other celebrations. Videos attract more viewers than text and give your viewers a better idea of your brand.
  • Use your blogs to find attention: A blog can give you a good organic traffic. If you already have a blog, you have a lot with you. Use it to get viewers on your page. Post something relevant and attract. These basic steps can save your money and can help you to promote your Facebook page with the desired results. You can also hire some good Digital marketing firms for faster and verified results along with such basic practices. They can be a huge boost to your slow paced online marketing promotions & can assist you at various stages.

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