Machine Learning- Setting Trends in Science & Technology

machine learning

A learning machine is any device whose actions are influenced by the past experienceNils John Nilsson

Machine learning is a term incepted by Arthur Samuel in computer learning. It is a technique by which any computer can identify patterns, trends and can store them for its future decisions in similar situations. Machine learning is mostly confused with artificial intelligence but actually, it is not the same.

It is only the current application being used in AI and deals with making machines learn about things on their own. We can save our time in explicitly programming the bots and can work on other areas. This new term has evolved from the study of pattern recognition & computational learning theory.

A computer is made to study the patterns and make note of them so that it might recognize the same style if it sees them again. In simple terms, we say it something learned by the machine. By implementing machine learning tools and applications we can design various algorithms which are crucial for imparting knowledge into the machines.

Imparting knowledge into the machines and making them smarter, is a concept loved by all but still debatable in terms of its limits. Different groups are putting their views about setting some parameters and identifying boundaries for this knowledge transfer. It has been a long-time dream of the humanity to produce something which can give us a feeling of a creator. We are working rigorously to create some really smart beings for whom we can take the full credit. Smart bots are something similar to that only.

Machines were created to ease of the human efforts and to make our living more comfortable on this planet.

We want machines to go some extra miles and take the jargon into their own hands. We want machines to be autonomous as well as loyal. We want them to feel, take decisions but those decisions should be the one approved by their master (humans). It is something which is not acceptable by all in a similar manner. Some believe that machines can go a level beyond if they know how to take decisions and can be a danger to our own existence. But others are looking at only the brighter aspects which are making our life easier and less complicated.

As evolution has helped humans to get better with each passing day. We have learned from our past deeds and mistakes. We have even learned a few things from our peers and other’s experience.  There are certain ways in which a machine learns.

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Learning in the case of machines is largely supported by computational statistics. It is highly dependent upon mathematical optimization which provides methods and theories about learning. IT companies all over the world are using these mathematical models to improve the learning and extracting maximum information from a small data

All these types of learning mechanisms are used for training the bots for specific type work. Machines are being made smarter to improve accuracy and reduce human efforts. These smart bots can take some really tiring and high calculative work and give us the results without fatigue. We are constantly upgrading ways to find our some really smart techniques in machine learning which are quick as well as effective. We want these bots to be smart and that too soon keeping in mind that the whole learning process is always under control and bots always abide human instructions.

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How Digital marketing can help you in your job ??

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates

Digital marketing is all about promoting yourself online in this digital era. You can be present on any of the social media or any blogging platform if you are an individual. But if you are a business then you must have a website too. If you are not on the Internet then you are surely missing your chances for sustaining in the market. Being present on the internet overcomes many demographic hurdles and provide a myriad of opportunities for any business or the individual. Online marketing and promotions help in better tracking of customers and getting abundant data for improved market analysis.

Digital marketing is changing the dynamics of the modern businesses. With each passing day, the quantum is getting bigger and so is its share. It has transformed the way people look at the markets. With the advent of data and key insights, managers are bestowed with an ability to make a transitional shift from mere intuitions based decision-making to precise decision-making. It has made the work of a marketer easy as they are no more relying on their gut feeling for some of the crucial decisions.

You could be in any job Internet can always help you out in getting faster results and insights, getting better leads and deals with the potential prospects. Learning basic digital marketing can make your tasks easier, faster and more accurate. The data recorded by various tools help in better decision making and selecting the best option among the available ones.There are a few job profiles which are getting the maximum benefits from digital marketing.

Here are some job profiles which can take maximum benefits from learning digital marketing.

Entrepreneurs: They are the people who take maximum risks in their work. They start their own ventures based on a gut feeling that it will work. They always strive for sustainability and profits which is always a tough way to walk on. Digital marketing tools have awarded them better insights into their target markets. The customer responses and reviews about any product or service help in improving the quality. Social media interactions can help in understanding the customer needs and find further options for product development.

Freelancers: Today freelancing is considered as a full-fledged career and people take pride in joining the league. The only challenge they face is taking on new assignments and works. They mostly rely on old clients and sometimes on some job portals. Digital marketing can help in getting new clients and becoming a familiar name for their niche work area.

Salesman: A salesperson is the one who cares for numbers all the year and keeps a track on the targets whether they will be completed or will be left in the lurch. They have to be consistent and always on which sometimes is not possible. Digital marketing can provide them a 24×7 lead generation method and they can easily meet up their deadlines and the goals.

Marketing Managers: Marketing managers build new strategies for branding and better sales for any company and they rely primarily on market research for that. This research should be done extensively and the sample size also should be large enough for better decision making. Digital marketing techniques can help in deeper penetration into their existing customer base and can empower them to have a substantially large sample size. Their decisions are better and even the time taken in market research is reduced to a great extent.

Professionals : Working professionals like architects, doctors, teachers, brokers and insurance agents can use digital marketing for promoting their services and projecting themselves as a pioneer in their respective domains. They can tap their target market in a much effective way and can get newer clients without spending a huge amount on traditional methods.

Businessmen: Every business spend a substantial amount of its revenues on promoting its products and services. Promotion is the key to any business to stay afloat in the market. By using digital marketing any businessmen can save a great sum which can be used for other necessary expenses and can get even better ROI than the conventional marketing methods.

Job Seeker: Even if a person is unemployed or looking for newer assignments or profiles using digital marketing he can promote his skills and can even find the right kind of team via social media. Many professionals are now turning their backs towards their old jobs and are meeting with the people from different demographics to join them and work together for a common goal.

Digital marketing methods and techniques are evolving daily and it is getting even better with each passing day. It has enormous potential and can save a huge amount of money being spent otherwise. The fascination of digital marketing has lured many corporates to say goodbye to their old traditional marketing techniques and follow the new trend. Startups are the most benefitted clan in today’s scenario as they are the ones who are always having money crisis in their early days. Digital marketing provides them areas beyond their normal reach and clients from all over the globe.


In recent times, Facebook has emerged as one of the most powerful social media platforms. It possesses 1.94 billion active users and the number is rising by each day.

Facebook uses its own algorithms to determine which posts appear in each user’s increasingly noisy Newsfeed. Apart from doing the paid service of boosting your post/page, here are a few free tips to get traffic on your Facebook page.

  • Post something really liked content: Try to figure out what is really being liked by the followers and try to post something relevant to it. It could be photographs, or videos or any info texts, increase such content and continuously seek for the revisions.
  • Bring Awesome content on page: You need to understand what is really happening around. What is being liked the most by most of the users? What should be shared among all, what is trending, what is informative and relevant?

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  • Right time to post: Try to post on weekends or holidays when most of the users are around. Early morning timings and late evening timings are also been added to the right time list. Try to be there at such time and get maximum attention.
  • Create events: Creating an event can really help you to attract most of your target users. Use Facebook before, during, and after each event to engage your community, and increase attendance.
  • Use Facebook Live: Facebook Live is a video broadcasting feature lets you live-stream your events and other celebrations. Videos attract more viewers than text and give your viewers a better idea of your brand.
  • Use your blogs to find attention: A blog can give you a good organic traffic. If you already have a blog, you have a lot with you. Use it to get viewers on your page. Post something relevant and attract. These basic steps can save your money and can help you to promote your Facebook page with the desired results. You can also hire some good Digital marketing firms for faster and verified results along with such basic practices. They can be a huge boost to your slow paced online marketing promotions & can assist you at various stages.

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