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Information Technology has improved our lives considerably and still enriching it further with the latest advancements. Numerous organizations are working hard to design various applications & software which can further ease up the way ahead. Having superb workforce can provide the cutting edge in this competitive market. But there arises a situation to maintain & retain such resources for a sustainable growth.

Software Development is a complete process of computer programming, documenting, testing and maintaining applications and frameworks. It has enabled us to rise above normal and infuse life into our solutions. It has created numerous frameworks and is a never-ending process, as we upgrade every day.

Software development takes a lot of resources and the most costly resource here is the skilled workforce. They are the backbone of any project, running anywhere in the world. Maintaining a team of skilled developers and working with them takes a large pie of your total project capital investments. This has compelled thousands of organizations to work with a limited team and number. The concept of the dedicated developer has liberalized the whole development cycle without hampering the quality of the project.

A dedicated developer is usually an outsourced resource, dedicated to your project, delivering as per the deadlines and up to your work standards. Such resource provides a freedom from high maintenance of your software development resources and allows you to enjoy the similar benefits to a regular software developer. This concept has improved the sustainability of a project and has created a vacancy for further research and quality improvements in the same budget.

Small firms are enjoying the benefits for a long time as they use to hire freelance developers & other professionals to ease out this burden. But freelancers are less dedicated and costly when compared with a dedicated workforce. Large organizations are also entering and enjoying these benefits now as they are having a qualified workforce with lesser liabilities towards them. The number of employees can be shuffled easily as per the requirement of the firms without loosing out some really good talents.

Saavy Relations has introduced this beautiful concept and have started delivering as per the client’s requisites. For further details, you can contact us for your software needs with improved sustainability.

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Can India beat the global AI challenge? Can we avoid huge job extinction here?

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most debatable topics today. It has enabled us to create the smart machines and reduce human efforts in complex and highly iterative processes. Latest developments in the field of technology have empowered the designers, all over the globe, to create much-improved machine learning.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have paved the way for improved bots who are now ready to replace human efforts in many new industries.

According to a study by Oxford, 47% of jobs will disappear in next 25 years. We have already lost much more in the recent past. Many things which were earlier done by humans are either vanished from the market or are done by machines now. These losses have led to populist movements in many foreign countries and people are debating over the fears of losing further jobs from the markets.

People are very much concerned about many jobs which will be replenished by bots like models, sports umpires, telemarketers, paralegals etc. Many supporters of AI says that only jobs which don’t need high skills will be replaced. Highly skilled population do not need to worry much about jobs eradication. Almost all organizations do some or the other kind of upgrades to keep sync with the technology updates.

India is a country having a huge tech base and numbers are adding up in this industry. We have a huge population who does not read codes and understand technology. Here opportunities are immense. People who have worked abroad are coming back to India as they are seeing opportunities here.

A large number of jobs have vanished from international markets and a few are adding up. But here in India, there is enormous potential for jobs and the nation can create a myriad of job opportunities. Rising trends of online transactions, improving penetration of Internet to rural markets have shown promising signs to the service industries.

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There are many services to be given and much more to deliver to a common man. It can surely surpass the early fears of AI in the global markets. Indian markets because of its huge potential can stay aloof from the global vulnerability.

Many new jobs are introduced in the markets which never existed. Perhaps, the recent growth of Artificial Intelligence market is driven by the improved IT infrastructure and mobile phones penetration in India. Companies are investing heavily because they are seeing promising users for AI in Indian service sector. AI can help in creating the services at a rate compatible with the demand.

According to a recent survey, almost 4000 machine learning and AI programmers are needed in Banglore alone. Even the government is giving the required push, it wants AI to transform the public sector and it’s functioning.

The promising aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence are higher in developing countries like India, who are looking at it as a boon for serving their large population. The major sectors in India which could be affected by AI are manufacturing, agriculture and IT. The number of jobs eroded by AI will be easily replenished by the new jobs created here if not instantly then in the longer run.

The launching of Make in India movement is focussing on improving all these prominent sectors of Indian economy. Skill India is another ambitious campaign launched by the current government. This movement will strengthen the existing sectors and will open further ways to create jobs. People in India are being skilled for other jobs too. The movement is focussed on improving the employability as well as the skill set of the current workforce.

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Artificial Intelligence- advances and impact

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is imparting human-like intelligence in machines. With latest advancements in technology, humans have succeeded in imparting a considerable level of knowledge and decision making ability into the machines. These machines are deployed to replace humans from dangerous working conditions and to reduce human efforts for various unproductive activities. These bots are giving reliable assistance to human species.

What does it actually mean

It is a simulation of human activities by machines, prominently by computers. If we say that we are imparting artificial intelligence in any machine then it means we are making it competent enough to do certain activities. The major processes are reasoning, learning various tasks and doing a self-correction in its own activities.

Numerous benefits from these bots

Numerous companies have started working on artificial intelligence. They are doing a complete revamp of the current working culture in organizations. Companies working in conversational activities, vision, cybersecurity, healthcare, business intelligence etc are using artificial intelligent machines and replacing humans with complex activities and reducing their operational costs up to a great extent. Most organizations are using bots for rigorous calculations to avoid human errors and imparting self-rectification skills in these intelligent bots.


Artificial intelligence has contributed considerably to the healthcare industry. Healthcare industries are using these bots for an accurate & faster diagnosis as compared to human specialists. These smart machines are giving a reliable solution for many operational procedures. We are capable enough to introduce these machines in dealing with patients. Chatbots are being deployed to interact with the patients and provide an unmatched response. They have minimized the human efforts and have empowered us to interact with multiple patients simultaneously. These bots can even assist in patient scheduling, follow-ups and billings. A better engagement with patients and reduced human efforts in paperwork have improved the effectiveness of the treatment.

Artificial intelligence has equally contributed to finance sector. The machines are made capable enough to understand and do tedious calculations. These bots are also used in financial applications like Mint or Turbo Tax. They can collect the data and help in making a proper financial plan for the customers. Number of customers can be entertained with an even smaller number of staff without compromising the accuracy. These bots are now being used in trading activities also. Here also these smart bots have proved their mettle.

These robots are used in highly iterative tasks in manufacturing and business activities. They can work without fatigue and thus are the preferred choice for most of the industries now. Algorithms are being used in business CRM software for better analysis of data. They can work in a much efficient manner by handling numerous customers and even handling their grievances. AI has enabled machines to replace trainers in the education sector and can even provide additional support to the pupils.

Risks involved with these intelligent machines

We are largely benefited by Artificial intelligence and our efforts are being replaced by machine iterations. Many tedious and precise jobs have been allocated to these bots. But they have created a sense of insecurity too. Well, with the latest introduction of these smart machines, in various business operations and other segments have replaced humans. The replaced population is mostly unskilled in other segments of the business and thus are unemployable for other skilled jobs. They are facing a situation of financial crisis. But the business houses are enjoying their new cheap and 24X7 working staff, they are asking for minimal benefits from the employers.

Apart from this, many thinkers have doubts about the rapid progressions achieved in this segment. Deploying something more than required, in these machines is the major concern by many eminent professionals. They are seriously against the speed at which intelligence is being imparted to these bots.

Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence.

Experts differ on the very idea of bots super-seeding the biologically slow evolving human species. Nobody can deny from such future completely. Imparting too much into these bots and giving them the power to replicate and repair can be a catastrophe decision in the future. We have to plan well before executing. Machines were introduced to reduce human efforts but they are simultaneously making humans dumb.

They are doing most of the complex activities by themselves and making humans rely on them heavily. These machines can do complex calculations & precise tasks in a much amicable manner but they can not compete with the creativity of the human brain as of now. Thus we should still take some time before designing our systems.

Are we really ready for the bots??

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