Robots – The Synthetic Future of Human Beings

Man lives like a robot: mechanically efficient but with no awareness”- OSHO

We (humans) are working to alter the nature of evolution. Today the human beings have surpassed 7.6 billion mark on earth, even after that we feel, we are alone on this planet. This feeling has amplified with time. Humans are busy with thyself and have no time for others. We are not having enough time even for ourself.

It was once doubted that where will evolution takes the humanity, now its evident that it would be synthetic. We are moving towards a world of robots. We love them, play with them, spend most of our time with them and still want more out of them. The recent advancements in the technology have twisted our awareness and we just rely on the machines for almost everything.

Bots are replacing human efforts and making our daily chores easy and turning life towards luxury. It is no surprise if someday you discover that your new neighbor with whom you love to spend time while sipping the coffee is not human. Robots are sprouting around us at a faster rate than estimated. As Marvin Minsky said, “Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children.”

Robot caregivers are lighting up lives of the lonely adults of our society whom our younger generation has left to survive on their own. Robots are not only outperforming in business but they are also preferred on the social fronts. They are being used to keep old folks mentally & socially engaged. They are proving themselves as an effective nurse and a good friend. Robots are improving our lives in more ways than we know.

We all love our mobile phones while only a few may know the fact that Android is one of the most popular robots in the modern world. In the wishlist of human beings, one of the prominent wishes is to improve our physical and mental abilities more than what evolution has gifted us.

We are even working to improve human capabilities since long and making artificial/synthetic DNA is one the most ambitious project in this direction.

AI and machine learning have accelerated the development of these man-made beings. These bots are taking various shapes and structures to enhance their adaptability and acceptability in our society. Now when so much is happening in our surrounding, it is important to know a few basic terms about them.

There are some terms mostly mistaken as same about these bots. We often feel confused when someone asks the difference between a cyborg and a robot. Well, we need to know about these species as they are fast embedding in our modern society. Claude Shannon once famously said that “ I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans. And I am rooting for the machines”. We need to understand pros and cons of robots to the humanity and my blog is just a step towards it.

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Cyborg: It is a short form for the cybernetic organism. A cyborg is being who is partly organic and partly bio-mechanical. Humans are organic beings and their body is a result of million years of evolution, their capabilities and strength are because of the efforts we did untill today. But in case of a cyborg, humans have interfered with nature and have provided artificial parts and organs to make the body much stronger and capable.

If you have any artificial pacemaker in your body, you are a cyborg. These artificial parts are sometimes added to replace the faulty original organs but sometimes are introduced to take your physical strength to a higher level.

Getting lenses for better eyesight, hearing aids to improve impaired hearing, using the Internet to enhance the real-time decisions all these are examples of augmented capabilities and will be inculcated into the attributes of a cyborg.

Robot: A robot is a machine which is designed & controlled by programming, done using a computer. A robot was developed to reduce the human efforts. It is a sheer replacement to human beings instead of improving their own capabilities.

They were developed to do complex tasks and to replace humans at some really horrible workplaces. These robots can work day and night without any break and can be precise where humans lose their precision due to fatigue. Robots are being trained by the help of machine learning and their decision-making abilities are being augmented so that they can be the best replacement for humans. AI has enabled these bots to get smarter, now they perform better and improve daily.

Robots are proving themselves as a loyal servant to the humanity and thus we are working to transform these artificial beings. We want these bots competent enough to work in the hazardous environment and also carry human intelligence to analyze the situation as a human can. We want these bots to take shapes similar to human beings so that working with bots is comfortable.

Humanoids are such robots who look like humans, having similar limbs and physical appearance. They are not humans but try to imbibe our style as much as they can. They behave like humans and are improving but still working with them is a bit uncomfortable. We have even decided the gender for these robots. Android is considered as a male robot and Gynoid is a female robot. Defining their gender is a step to treat them at par with humans.

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The concept of working with robots is exciting, we have seen it a lot in various Hollywood science fiction movies. But in reality, it is still a distant dream. Many attempts have been made in recent times and many humanoids are performing in various fields, these bots have almost copied humans on looks the art but on performance they are inferior.

Even after that, its amazing to see these human creations performing above the expectations. We have high hopes and soon we will augment their capability at par with humans. Both of these species i.e. cyborg and robots are maturing and with improvements in cyborgs, our expectations levels from the robots enhance. There is a hidden race going on.

We want these machines to behave exactly like us and we are also working on improving our current capabilities. This makes their test tougher every day. We expect a lot from these machines and new expectations ingrow as the older ones get fulfilled.

We should understand clearly what we want from these machines and have to mark our limits too. Clear guidelines and boundaries can resolve many prevailing issues associated with this technology. But first, we need to understand the most complex and beautiful creation of God, Mankind.

The saddest aspect of life now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”- Isaac Asimov.

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