Use water instead of fire for human cremation as a bio-friendly method

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Cremation is a process of decomposing the dead body and the methods used are different in different parts of the world. It is a matter closely related to one’s ethnicity and religious beliefs. The process ultimately results in disposing a dead body and keeping our surrounding clean without compromising the dignity and religious beliefs.

Alkaline hydrolysis is a process which is used as a newer and less accepted substitute for disposing of the dead bodies. Though there are fewer eyebrows twisting if used to dispose of the dead animal carcasses or any plant. Historically introduced as a method to dispose of the dead animals and prepare food for the plants in now being preferred in various parts of the world.

The inclusion of human cremation by alkaline hydrolysis is something which is still debatable and not welcomed all over the globe. But one cannot neglect the impacts of conventional cremation over the environment. With rising number of people and increased death of animals have proliferated this situation up to a considerable level.

During the process of water cremation, a dead body is placed into a vessel and then the vessel is filled with water and iye (an extremely alkaline substance). This mixture is heated up to a temperature of 160 degrees with high pressure. The high pressure developed prevents boiling. The whole process takes almost 4-6 hours and the body gets decomposed into its chemical components. Reducing the temperature and pressure will only increase the time taken in decomposition.

This process is highly environmentally friendly and this is proposed as a newer method for human cremation too. Many countries and US states have made it a legal method, considering its clean benefits. The process also claims to destroy even the DNA and assures that the solution dumped into sewage is a pure chemical with no DNA information.

Even after so many benefits, almost no European nation has made it a legal affair. Countries like USA, Canada and the United Kingdom wears the crown of a pied piper in this scenario. But almost all favor this method for decomposing the dead animals and other flesh parts.

In a cremation process, almost 219 gases are emitted into the environment and almost 6000 cubic meters of natural air is consumed. Thus deviating towards alkaline hydrolysis is a cleaner option.

It is also claimed by the pioneers and promoters of this technique that the liquid produced as the finished product, is safe and can be used as a fertilizer. In burial, wood, cushioning, metal, cement, embalming used are seen as a waste for the planet, as is the amount of space a vault or tomb takes up.

Water cremation can be seen as a next option for the people to consider. Many people even in India are inclined towards electric cremation and is preferred for unclaimed bodies too. Now hydraulic cremation is something which is much cleaner and could be a preferred option in the coming days. According to stats, there are approximately 3.14 million deaths per year in India.

Cremation is an extremely important thing among the Hindus and as per the rituals, it takes a lot of wood and other resources. So switching to a cleaner option is always a welcoming step. People are now adopting these newer and cleaner methods as Hindus have little belief in afterlife. The experts also claim that the liquid generated is very treatable and have almost no negative impact on the environment.

They say that we are just replicating the nature. Nature does the same by dissolving a dead body by using soil bacteria but it’s a long process. We are just applying chemicals to speed it up. This can be the third method other than cremation and burial.

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