We design the cloud solutions for you

Cloud services provide reliable and effective solutions for all types of businesses. The Cloud enables you to access the technologies and solutions which are automatic, flexible and accessible any where you want. These clouds can be shared or dedicated for a particular organization.Clouds can give you much needed online storage and enormous tools for creating effective solutions. These tools can be really helpful and affordable especially for smaller companies. You can be an IT manager, a developer or an entrepreneur, our cloud services provides the customized and best solution for your needs and restrictions.

What are Cloud services

Versatile application: Cloud services is a broad term in itself, it encompasses the myriad IT resources present all over the Internet. The same expression is valid for professional services that support the selection, deployment and ongoing management of various cloud-based resources. Primarily the term, cloud services encrust a wide range of resources to be delivered to the customers via the Internet by any service provider.
Reduced costs: In cloud based services, the primary investment costs were during the inception period, a few years ago. Today there are customized plans, according to the resources consumed over the period of time by any client. Now a business pay only for the required services and resources, selected from the pool of services offered to them.
Worried about the hardware and licenses?
In the case of cloud services, the user should not be worried about the hardware infrastructure to be deployed for availing the services. At Saavy Relations, we assist you with the latest trends and precise resource selection. As our clients, you should be focused over your business goals leaving all these hardware hassles to us. Saavy Relations is always at your service.

Our Cloud services

Cloud Transition

Lured with additional benefits now businesses are seeking a low-risk transition to cloud technology by the means of Infrastructure, Platforms and Applications too. We can help !!

Cloud Support Service

Support for various services by our cloud experts for resolving your queries while working on it and get expert consulting for all your business requisites.

Cloud Service

Businesses want a smooth and always on connection with their clients & prospects, with a social customer service application on cloud. We are here !!

Cloud Integration

With the recent proliferation of cloud applications in IT industry, the number of opportunities for cloud service industry have spiked, businesses need effective integration of cloud-based applications among themselves as well as with on-premise applications.

Storage & Backup Solution

Servers specially designed for archiving, backups, and distributed storage. We can help to choose the best solutions for your business.

Private Cloud: the business solution

A cloud resource exclusively for your business. The best VMware virtualization on a fully dedicated infrastructure.