Fee management software for institutes

School ERP softwares are a premium product of the technology, which has already improved our learning capabilities and skill development rate. These software reduces the operational burden in any institute, they are highly synchronized & effective systems for managing all important information for various departments in any school. School management software are a highly desirable product in all schools & colleges for managing the student data and recording the new admissions/enrollments.
A software used in any institute will be used primarily for managing the student database but there are other crucial departments which should be noted or watched for managing a sustainable growth. Any school or college is an organization with lot of departments and all these departments contribute to make the organization a success, so they deserve attention.

A few benefits to an institute can be:
Desktop based: A software solution exclusively made for operating into a particular desktop/laptop. Single point of control for all information. A centralized system for administering and controlling all the information and data.

Online solution: These application work for the organizations who want a flexible and secure system to add data & monitor the information. The software can be accessed from anywhere via a secured login and information can be updated and fetched.

A few benefits to an institute can be:

a) Automatic reminders for repayments.
b) Highly synchronized departments can work more efficiently.
c) Make backups-Download the record in Ms excel format anywhere.
d) It promotes paperless administration and Technology.
e) Reduced admin workload and time efficient.
f) Complete record for accounts department and scalable system.

Why Saavy Relations over the others?

We provide custom CRM softwares, tailored as per the exact requirements. Secure web based system with scalability and reliability. Easy to use, no need of any special training to manage the software. Interactive dashboard & highly synchronized school management software. Web based software gives a flexible access without compromising with your data security. We adhere the quality and also consider the affordability as an important attribute while designing the accounting software. We provide:
1. unlimited users for your accounting software.
2. 365 days free bug maintenance.
3. Full authority to your software codes.
4. Affordability along with data security.