project management CRM

Manage your tasks with our project management tool

A reliable software to manage all your running projects, keeping their trails and updates going on. A simple user interface with rich dashboard and easy to work upon. It tracks down all the projects, their deadlines, achieved milestone and other relevant information about it.
A project management software is crucial for every organization and make the operations smooth and successful. Such CRM softwares are important for all types of business, size of the organization does not matter. Business can be small or large but they all need sorted information, timely and correct about their working.

What does project management offer to you?

It helps the managers to timely understand the operations and get accurate information about the system. Their decisions depends heavily on such info, it helps them to take really needed steps and make better decisions even in the situation of crisis. Such software helps in enhancing the resource efficiency and helps in solving critical & large projects.

Better Estimation & Planning: These CRM softwares helps in better analysis of the team and helps in making an effective layout for a certain project. With efficient resources its always a great plan. Which in turn leads to better execution.
Improved resource utilization: With a clear info about the team and their engagements, a manger can well decide the ideal times, peaks & even the deadlines. This estimation helps them in effective utilization for the manpower & other resources. Better sync and sharing helps in reducing the input costs.
Seamless team work flow: With great estimations and proper timelines, kit makes the working team comfortable while working on a certain project. Their efficiency increase which in turn makes even better finishes. It certainly helps the company to grow and achieve their set targets. The hassle free working minimises the co-working issues and keep the environment healthy.

What Makes Us Different

While investing into such software we expect it to deliver on the investment done. Our project management software offer all the crucial features and also allows you to have a tailored finish exclusively for your business. Along with the basic features like
a) Create & manage a project
b) Team management
c) Project time line & estimation
d) Inter & Intra communication
e) Tasks & meetings
f) Billings
g) Feedbacks
h) Anytime backup
You can add any other feature of your choice to make the software a best fit at your work.

We even provide certain additional benefits for our clients like
a) 365 days free bug maintenance
b) Full code access
c) No user restriction
d) Secure & scalable software
If you want to book your software or need any clarification please write to us. Want to have a demo please share your details with us here.