We use all the latest Technology !!

Technology is ever changing, by the time you master a skill, its the time to upgrade. Saavy Relations Software, with its goal to stay as a pioneer in IT & software solutions, work consistently to upgrade our services and always focus on innovation to beat the obstacles. We have worked with almost all businesses and thus have gained the relevant experience. It help us when we design something bespoke. A tailored solution for your business, a solution that is easily acceptable, affordable and available. With each passing day, the maturing web is changing its ways for web development. Modern websites are a myriad of technologies. You need to blend a lot of skills just to make one perfect webpage. It is not only about choosing the right technology or language to develop your website, its even more. You need to find someone who is expert in web development, a versatile and reliable resource who can make your dreams come to reality. Saavy Relations Software is one such name and can serve as a trusted partner to all your IT requirements.

There can be a long list of programming languages used to make one webpage for you. You have to account for all the attribute for webpage like HTML, CSS & JS. Having a video, any image or any special effect on your webpage need special programming and its something different from simply using any CMS to develop your website.

We work on almost all popular languages like

  • AngularJS
  • React. JS
  • Node. JS
  • Laravel
  • Cake PHP
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Wordpress
  • HTML5

Web Stack Decoded:

A website is a stack of technologies, Websites can be classified into two major segments LAMP (Linux based) WISA (windows based). If we decode a webstack then we can see it includes anoperating system, web server software, databse engine, programming language and client side coding. When we talk about the client side coding, HTML, CSS and JS are the vital part of it.

Database Engine:

Database engine or database server is an integral part of your website where all the data of your website is stored. Desgining a proper database and making it scalable and sustainable is something which is expected. In case of CMS websites even the content of the website is stored into the database. Thus it is a crucial attribute and mostly depends upon the programming language used for the web development. The most common databases for web development can be Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL.

As a software development company, Saavy Relations have mastered all these skills and can deliver on all the major prevailing technologies to give you an unmatched quality and smooth web experience.